What happens practically?
Only in a real Atelier does magic happen!

Every woman is unique and her wedding dress should be unique.

Living the experience of a LA DI DA 'tailored wedding dress is a luxury because:

  • It is exclusive, it is handmade for you, with original embroidery and details made especially for your dress and there will not be another like it in the world!

  • It is created on you, on your shapes, on your personality and for your needs, to make the most of you and feel 100% natural, carefree and at ease.

  • It is created with you: you will take part in the creation of your dress, you too will be a bit of a stylist;) together we will choose the most suitable fabrics, laces and any accessories with my advice.

  • You will have the added value of having at your disposal the stylistic and tailoring skills of specialized people, who do not work on mass-produced clothes, but on women from time to time with different bodies and desires.

  • You will be able to see it born, take shape slowly by participating in its creation, touching the precious fabrics, listening to the rustle of silk when you try it on ... This makes your wedding dress truly yours and you can feel it right away! You will love it madly and that day you will never want to take it off!

This will never happen in a "shop" where they sell wedding dresses in series, where there is no such unique and wonderful experience that all brides should try!







In the photo Renata, at her last fitting

* We are an Eco-Friendly Atelier , which is why we choose natural fabrics with environmentally friendly processes and colors and with OEKO TEX -100 certifications.

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In our Atelier you can count on the expertise of the Designer Simona .

We will welcome you in our living room with an open laboratory, so you can already see for yourself the transparency of our work. Between a good coffee and a sweet, you will tell me about you, your wedding, your needs and desires about your wedding dress. Basically the choices are two:

  • You can fit and decide to buy a dress from my collection, in which case the dress will be tailored for you, with possible changes if you wish.

  • You can bring me a photo of a dress you like, we will then go on to fit on some sample dresses to understand volumes and fabrics and it will be an excellent opportunity for you to understand what you really like and what enhances you the most. Then I will create several sketches just for you that you can choose, modify and / or combine with each other to get to the dress of your dreams!

In both cases, the procedure is as follows : I will take your measurements and move on to the packaging of the prototype, that is a copy of your dress in a "poorer" fabric, where during the first fitting we will adapt it perfectly to your body and eventually modify it What do you desire. We will also decide the underwear that best fits the dress and you will bring the wedding shoes with you. The second fitting you will do with the actual dress but largely basted so that you can make corrections if necessary. We will eventually decide on the addition of accessories such as a veil or hairstyle, a shawl, a belt, etc .. The third, and usually last fitting , you will wear the fully made-up dress, except for some small final finishing; you will wear any accessories to see the overall effect and that's it! I will complete the finishing touches and you can go and collect your dress!

If you too are ready to live this wonderful experience, I am waiting for you to the Atelier to get to know us and have a chat, without obligation! ;)





Inspired by Nature

A floral laboratory that loves nature in its spontaneity, loves its natural beauty and that is why we have never liked artificial, precise, geometric and excessive floral compositions. For us, elegance resides in simplicity, and what could be more beautiful and simple than a spontaneous rose garden or a flowery field? our style aspires to recreate for your wedding the unique elegance of an English secret garden mixed with a poetic and romantic bohemian mood of early twentieth century France.

A Made to Measure Wedding

How many marriages have really impressed you so far and how many do you remember in detail? we are certain very few, perhaps none. That's why we don't have standard "packages" for serial weddings! Ours is a true wedding made to measure ...  as like a dress, created and built on you, on your personality, on your history and your passions ... so a unique and exclusive wedding, which will be just your !

Put your imagination aside, with us you don't need it! You can practically see how your event will be set up. The most beautiful thing for you and your guests will be to recognize yourself in your wedding in every detail, even through the floral arrangements.

* We are an Eco-Friendly Atelier , which is why we are always looking for new techniques to use as little as possible sponges for florists (microplastics) for example; we use products that respect the environment and we advise against (where possible) the use of the wedding carpet, because it is not recyclable and highly polluting. There are many other things to discover, we are waiting for you in the Atelier ... :)

Other Customized Events

We also take care of all other events such as baptisms, confirmations, graduations, communions, birthdays of all ages or any other event you have in mind! You can contact us even just for details or single services such as sugared almonds, centerpieces, place cards, gifts for your special guests and small, large sugared almonds, sweet tables, etc ...

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Stationary & Co.

A wedding cannot be truly "tailor-made" and memorable if you don't care for details, and if we think about invitations, place cards, tableau de mariage, placards , etc ... we immediately realize that then details are not they are, indeed, have the same importance as everything else; just think of the invitations, the business card of the wedding, which indicates to the guests the style they should expect, for example, even before useful information. Everything must have a common thread that will accompany the guests throughout the wedding, from invitations to favors. In this regard, dealing with rather unconventional weddings, the favors can only be as particular as for example: seedlings, bonsai, gastronomic, soaps, candles, music boxes etc ... all organic, eco-friendly, artisanal and absolutely customizable products at 100%!

* We are an eco-friendly Atelier , so we use recycled or English paper produced in respect of the environment also for the whole stationary (invitations, saws, tableau, plates, etc ...).

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