I start over from myself


Thomas Mann said that "adversity creates formidable opportunities" and there is nothing more true. If things had been easy for me, I wouldn't be here now. If I hadn't been so "unlucky" in certain moments, now I wouldn't have realized my dream!

Of course nothing is given to us, first of all we need determination, commitment and hard work.

I have always (or almost) believed in my dream even when no one believed it, even against all realistic predictions.

Yet it happened.

After some bad personal experiences, I decided to take my life in hand and to enroll in one of the best fashion and marketing schools in the world: the Polimoda in Florence. I worked in the fashion and bridal sector, and after a move to London, I landed in the cinema in Rome, as assistant costume designer and director of film costumes.


I was quite satisfied, even happy at first and by now my dream was set aside, aware that for various reasons, it would have been impossible to achieve it. But the more time passed, the more I felt distant from myself; I knew I could do more, so I decided to work for my dream and not someone else's dream! I decided to start a new life, no longer very young ... but it would have been mine!


I left my contract indefinite and I "threw myself" into a project of my own (which later became "ours" together with Domenico, my husband). I completed my education by attending an international flower design & marketing school.


Today I work a lot more but I'm happy, it took me some time ... but as they say, better late than never!

I live near the sea and I am surrounded by personal satisfactions, continuous emotions and many projects yet to be realized ... because seeing your eyes full of joy moves me every time!

Simona Frasca
Fashion & Wedding Designer

Always feel good,

not just part-time


I was born on June 21st, a "magical" date for many ancient peoples and I like to convey a little magic in everything I do. I am passionate about the history of Rome and the Templars. I have been organizing events since I was practically a teenager, but at the same time I graduated in law ... well yes, the lawyer was my future, or at least what others wanted for me.

It was a bright and secure future, if only I hadn't found it deadly boring. In the meantime I started organizing events in the cinema sector in Rome, recreating sets, researching props, watching productions and so on ... and there I started to find myself and savor the creative and stimulating "freedom" I had. put aside.

In a moment of professional crisis which arrived at the same time as that of Simona, my wife, I decided to take the "unfortunate" opportunity and create something that made me feel good every day, not just part time.

I left my legal career to complete my skills and attend an international Flower Design & Marketing course. In life I have learned the importance of listening and pleasing yourself, without letting yourself be influenced by what others expect from you. Life is a one-ticket-only carousel, we might as well get on it and see what happens rather than just stand by and watch.

Today I enjoy designing and implementing ever new projects and structures and working with Simona on the many objectives we have in the pipeline.

My aim is not only to organize your wedding logistically, but to make your visions real!

Now I can't wait to discover yours!

Domenico di Nuzzo
Event & Wedding Designer

The curious story of the birth of La Di Da '


It happened like this, suddenly, in a moment when you would never imagine anything could happen ... but it happened, and it was love at first sight!

It was on a spring afternoon, during a funeral procession that (I Simona) saw from afar, abandoned in a field, a small caravan ... and I don't know how, but I thought it would be cool to have a vintage mini van to transform into a walking boutique! (I have a passion for renovations!).

My vision was a wheeled wedding dress showroom! They all took me for crazy: D but that vision was fundamental for Domenico and me, because it allowed us to take the basic idea, that is to create bohemian wedding dresses, study it, transform it and evolve it according to our skills and potential.


It took more than a year, but we managed to create something original, fresh and one of a kind! A tout-court, eco-friendly Atelier specialized in Vintage, Country and Boho chic styles. A laboratory where new and ambitious projects ferment, including the Bridal Van which is only set aside for now! ;)

However, I can't help but wonder if all of this would have happened if I hadn't gone to that funeral, that early spring afternoon ... :)


* The name LA DI DA 'is not an acronym as some think, but is taken from "Annie Hall" (a cult film by Woody Allen and winner of 4 Oscars, one of our favorite directors), where Diane Keaton has a unique and original style, a little bohemian

and hums this word in the film, meaningless in reality, but which has since entered the vocabulary as a real adjective and indicates something refined and affected. He is also funny and memorable ... We found him perfect!


Simona & Domenico
La Di Da' founders